About Us

How the world of TISSEO works:
TISSEO.com offers People the ability to list and sell their small jobs to Buyers need their service.
You can price your services from $5 to $30 U.S. Dollars.
If someone hires you for a service, then once you deliver the product; you earn money (less our fees 20% commission). So if you do work for someone for $5, then once we pay you; we charge $1.00 for helping you generate a sale.
TISSEO.com reserves the right to accept or refuse any jobs at their discretion in order to maintain the integrity of the website.
Posting is absolutely free and you can post as many jobs as you like. Posting more jobs increases your chance at someone hiring you.
Just design each job a little different and with a different photo.
If you are no longer offering your service or job, please delete it from your account so no one buys it.
Sellers that provide great communication and speedy delivery of products will receive positive feedback from Buyers thereby increasing your ability to attract future buyers.
How does TISSEO.com work?
1.) Buyers search for services on TISSEO.com
2.) Buyer registers free account
3.) Buyer finds a service they need and they hire you.
4.) Seller delivers the digital product or service within time specified in Listing.
5.) Buyer receives digital product
6.) Seller gets paid through Paypal, or receives a credit to his/ her TISSEO.com account balance
7.) Seller can withdrawl their earnings at any point to their paypal account.
* See paypal's fee schedule for their rates.
Funds are held for 14 days before Seller can request to receive payment.  This is referred to as the HOLD PERIOD. The HOLD PERIOD is a safety measure to make sure the Buyer has received the product(s) and they confirm their acceptance. Silence by the Buyer is deemed ACCEPTANCE of product(s).
Tip: The more products you list for sell, the better are your chances of getting more sales, but do not post duplicate products jobs unless you use a different photo for each one.
Who is TISSEO.com?
TISSEO.com is owned and operated by Ashlind Investments LLC.
How do I contact TISSEO.com?
Please open a support ticket or send us an email to support@TISSEO.com
Help us make TISSEO.com better!
Comments and suggestions how to make TISSEO.com better are very welcome! Please email support@TISSEO.com