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BEFORE YOU EMAIL US, IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHERE YOUR EARNINGS ARE; READ THIS FIRST. enables people to offer digital services to the world. Sign up for an account and then you can add your job or service. When someone buys your services, you complete it out and send it to the buyer. Once your service is completely, you earn money.   There is a 20% commission on all sales you generate paid to Tisseo for helping you generate a sale. All commissions earned will be paid into your Paypal account within 14 days.  If it has been 14 days since you completed your job, you may request that the funds be released to your Paypal account.   If it has not been 14 days since you delivered your digital product to the buyer, then you will need to wait the 14 days.  This period is to ensure that the buyer is happy with your service and also that the buyer's initial payment for your services is not fake.